Our Story

Genova Art is an international wholesale art materials supplier with locations in Turkey, China and the United States. Genova Art is represented by Antallia Enterprises Inc. in the United States. Our office in Shenzhen has 64 employees including the testing and quality engineers. Our presence in China gives us a significant advantage in optimizing production, keeping product costs down and ensuring first-rate quality. In addition to Genova Art brand, "CraftyClay" is our registered brand for modeling clay.

With a dedicated team based in China, Genova Art has comprehensive control from product design to manufacturing.
The manufacturers we selected are capable of meeting Genova Art’s exacting specifications. And today, even after years of working with these manufacturers, our experienced team in China still do factory inspections and oversee production runs.
In addition to the advantage of our presence in China, Genova Art offers high-end art and craft products that are made in Turkey with unique designs and competitive pricing. The next plan is seeking opportunities to cooperate with the American manufacturers and develop higher grade products.

Genova Arts strives to be at the forefront of product design for the arts and crafts tool industry. Every year we travel the world seeking new ideas and attending art trade exhibitions to see the latest trends.We also work closely with artists and craftsmen to develop new products and continually refine our existing tools. Their insights often help us to take a simple product and make it more useful by incorporating new features.

We are continually adding new products, which currently span the following lines:
• Modeling Clays & Activity Sets
• Artist Brushes, Rollers & Sponges
• Kids’ Learning Kits
• Brush Caddies & Tubes
• Palettes & Trays
• Roller Brushes
• Pottery, Sculpture & Clay Modeling Tools
• Cutting & Carving Tools
• Wooden Items & Mannequins
• Foam Boards & Painting Pads
• Sketching Tool Kits & Pads
• Easel & Canvas Types
• Oil And Acrylic Colors For Professionals And Students
Our retailers are located around the world and often remark on the value and quality of our products. We support their sales efforts and also offer private labeling, purchasing and logistics services.
We believe that with the right tools anyone can be an artist. “Our goal is to design innovative, new products that are both functional and affordable,” said Alex. “We want to provide tools that enable everyone to pursue their artistic vision and experience the joy that comes from creating.”

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